Match Criteria: How we determine the best fit between IPs and GCs

The matching process between Intended Parents (IPs) and Gestational Carriers (GC) can sometimes be touchy, difficult and confusing. New Mexico Surrogacy strives to make this process encouraging and the best fit possible.  Every intended parent comes with their own story, expectations and preferences, and finding a Gestational Carrier that fits with the Intended Parents is important. What does New Mexico Surrogacy look at when matching Intended Parents with a Gestational Carrier? Here are a few things that play a major role when matching.


Intended Parents typically already have chosen their clinic to work with through the surrogacy process. Each clinics and Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) has their own standards and criteria for who can be a Gestational Carrier.  Finding a carrier that matches the criteria and expectations of the clinic the Intended Parents have chosen is one of the first considerations.

Number of Embryos

We all know the horror stories about Octomom and others that have had multiple children at one time due to IVF.  Clinics and REs have become much more conservative in their approach and have preferences on the number of embryos to be transferred.  When matching is it important to know the clinic’s strategy and how many embryos the Intended Parents want to transfer. Typically this is one or two - now that I have you scared thinking about 8;-).  Some clinics and Intended Parents want to transfer only one, however it is still a possibility to do a Double Embryo Transfer (DET). Matching Intended Parents with a Gestational Carrier that is also willing to do a DET and knowing that is what the preference is upfront is our goal.  A Gestational Carrier may prefer to only do a Single Embryo Transfer (SET), if that’s the case we would not match them with Intended Parents that possibly want to do a DET.


I know, this is a tough one, but so important to address and match with someone on the same page. No one makes the decision to terminate a much sought after pregnancy easily, but knowing as Intended Parents when you would be willing to terminate is important.  Factors to consider with termination are selective reduction of the number of fetuses (since most people really don’t want to be octo-mom – and also it’s safer for the babies and GC if there are fewer being carried), a fetus with serious medical problems, Down Syndrome or similar condition that is not life threatening but may potentially have an impact on quality of life, and any other reason to or not to terminate.  Matching is a partnership and having similar expectations between Intended Parents and the Gestational Carrier is definitely a factor when looking at views on termination.

A little more fun

New Mexico Surrogacy wants to match Intended Parents with a Gestational Carrier, and vise versa, that will enjoy the process together.  You are creating a precious life, or two, and having a positive experience is our top priority. Therefore, when matching we also consider more personal preferences like whether you are local to each other or the clinic, how much contact each of you want to have with each other, what your interests and personalities are, what kind of family structure the GC wants to work with, and if the GC has a partner we take their expectations into account, too. These are just a few of the more personal factors involved when looking to match a GC and IPs. We want there to be enough similarities to make this an enjoyable journey.

While no one wants carbon copy IPs and GCs, it’s best if everyone gets along and has similar expectations. Discussing these from the beginning and being open and honest upfront is what NM Surrogacy strives for. We also want the same openness and honesty for the relationship between IPs and GCs, making it the best possible journey while creating a beautiful family!

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