The relationship you form with your surrogate is one of the most valuable connections you’ll ever make

It’s important that you pair with a woman who treats the pregnancy as if the baby were her own and yet respects that you’re the baby’s parents. We screen our candidates closely and only select women who meet our high standards.

What do you want in a surrogate?

We have our criteria for surrogates—and you have yours. Before proposing a match, we talk with you at length about how involved you want to be during the IVF cycle, the pregnancy, and after the baby is born. If you imagine talking with your surrogate regularly, you want a surrogate who shares that expectation. You want to feel confident that she can understand and follow instructions from legal and medical providers. Pregnancies don’t always go as planned. Is the surrogate flexible? Could she adapt to the need for bed rest? Does she have a support system she can count on?

We guide you through the process

Ultimately, the choice involves finding a woman you trust and feel comfortable with, someone you can talk to openly and honestly. Do not rush your decision. Ask questions. We’re here to guide you through the selection process and help ensure that you’ve made the right choice—for you.

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