Surrogacy brings its own rewards

Committing to being a surrogate takes courage and a big dose of selflessness. You’re pregnant again, sharing the experience with the intended parents, and after delivery, the baby goes home with them. Along the way, all kinds of wonderful things are possible for you, the surrogate.


An undeniable joy and pride come with carrying a child for a person or couple unable to carry their own. It’s a selfless act, perhaps the greatest act of giving that you’ll ever perform, and that’s empowering.


A rich and rewarding bond between you and the intended parents forms when you match. That bond deepens as the months go by. Most intended parents want to share in your experience of being pregnant. They watch from the sidelines, mesmerized, filled with questions, eager to be a part of something they’ve only dreamed of.


Every stage of the pregnancy brings new excitement for the intended parents. Imagine their gratitude as the wish to have their own baby is granted, thanks to you. Your willingness to be a carrier creates a bond of gratitude they’ll never forget. The experience gives you greater awareness and compassion around what it’s like not to be able to carry your own child.


You are compensated fairly as a surrogate. Payments are generally structured across the pregnancy. The compensation is formalized in discussions with both parties, their legal counsel and Southwest Surrogacy.

Medical care

The surrogate's pregnancy-related medical costs are covered by the intended parents. This coverage begins with the IVF process and continues through six weeks postpartum. The intended parents are not responsible for any medical costs unrelated to the pregnancy.


Though pregnancy comes with its ups and downs, many surrogates truly enjoy being pregnant again. Women who felt great during an earlier pregnancy look forward to that same sense of well-being, and to sharing the experience with their family.


As a surrogate you’re introduced to a community of women for whom surrogacy was a beautiful and rewarding process. Their interest in the kindhearted ideals of surrogacy supports and enriches your experience.

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