Compensation guidelines

You and your intended parents, with legal counsel, agree to your compensation plan. While there is no one plan that covers all situations, you can expect compensation that generally follows these guidelines.

Surrogate compensation

  • Fee for Gestational Surrogate (experienced GS may command higher compensation) $40,000 - $45,000

  • Monthly Incidentals (travel to doctors appointments, parking, childcare, FedEx, faxes, healthy diet, vitamins, etc…) $200 per month

  • Housekeeping Allowance $200 per month

  • Maternity Clothing Allowance $750 (add $250 for multiples)

  • Health Insurance for Surrogate (premiums, co-pays and deductibles) $3,600 - $30,000+ (estimate, actual costs apply)

  • Life Insurance for Surrogate $750 - $1,000 (estimate, actual costs apply)

  • Embryo Transfer Fee $1,500

  • Group/Individual Support Meeting Allowance $75 per month

  • Stipend for Surrogate’s Independent Attorney $3,000

Possible additional compensation

  • Multiple Pregnancy $5,000

  • Additional Transfer Fee (per transfer, as necessary) $1,500

  • Fee for Travel and Lodging Expenses if Surrogate Lives 100+ miles from IVF Clinic Actual costs apply

  • Invasive Procedures $500 (most procedures)

  • Caesarean Section $2,500

  • Loss of Uterus $5,000

  • Companion Travel (if desired, for invasive procedures only) Actual costs apply

  • Companion Lost Wages Variable with negotiated cap

  • Childcare During Doctor Ordered Bed Rest Variable with negotiated cap

  • Surrogate Lost Wages Variable with negotiated cap