Why Some Surrogates are Willing to Carry Multiples

Ah twins…wouldn’t that be SO cool. One and done?

For some intended parents, that seems like the perfect solution for those who may want more than one child, especially when they’ve been through so many challenges already. But it’s just not that simple. There’s a lot that goes into that decision from both the intended parent side and the gestational carrier side. On top of that, there’s health risks to consider to both the carrier and the babies and many other factors that must be accounted for. 


It really comes down to how many babies a gestational carrier is potentially willing to carry.

One of the most important things intended parents and gestational carriers match on is the number of embryos they are willing to transfer and if they’re willing to terminate. Some women may be okay with double embryo transfer, but if both embryos implant AND at least one splits [leading to the potential for triplets or quads!] then a conversation about selective reduction may be on the horizon. It really comes down to how many babies a gestational carrier is potentially willing to carry. There are different schools of thought about what’s best…single or double embryo transfer, to ensure the best success. But what is the mind set of those women who are willing to carry multiple babies…two, or even three?! 

Some may have carried their own multiples and know what to expect, so they feel comfortable doing it for intended parents. They’ve been through the aches and pain of two (or three!) and feel they’re up for the challenge again…especially since this time they get to hand them safely to their parents after birth and won’t be up all night afterwards!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, gestational carriers have big hearts.

They want to do what they need to do to help intended parents and for some that means being willing to carry multiples and being extra uncomfortable if it means giving them the best shot at a baby. 

While financial motivation is not generally what drives most gestational carriers, there usually is additional compensation for the gestational carrier if she carries mutiples. Generally, it’s a set amount per baby, but the amount depends on what you negotiate in your contract.

We at New Mexico Surrogacy are strong advocates of single embryo transfers, as they result in healthiest outcomes for both the gestational carrier and the baby, but we understand that is not the option everyone wants to pursue and respect that fact. Even if you’re not the type of gestational carrier who is cool with carrying multiples, it’s okay! You don’t have to be to find your perfect match with your intended parents. We are thankful for all those who are willing to help others grow their families through gestational surrogacy, no matter how many babies they carry at a time.

Are you one of those people willing to help others grow their family (whether you’re willing to carry multiples or not!)?