Dear Scholastic Surrogate: What Kind Of People Choose Surrogacy?

Dear Scholastic Surrogate: What kind of people choose surrogacy?  -Curious

Hi, Curious - Great question. Starting a family can be a wonderful and beautiful experience. However, for some, the dream of a family doesn’t come easy. Surrogacy can be the missing piece of the puzzle. 

The Long Road. There are many reasons why an individual or a couple would choose surrogacy. The most common is that they have struggled with infertility. Many couples endure countless cycles of hormones, shots, and procedures, without success. Only to then be told that achieving a pregnancy with their own body may never work and their best hope is to consider surrogacy. It is not uncommon for those turning to surrogacy to grieve their plans to carry their child themselves. It’s disappointing. But the focus is on the big picture -- becoming a parent in a way that is healthy for both the baby and the woman carrying the baby. 

Always Knowing. Others are spared the failed attempts at conception because they have always known that pregnancy on their own was not an option. This includes women who have overcome medical issues but have been left with the advice of their doctor that pregnancy is a medical impossibility or just too risky. Gay couples also fall into this category, knowing that it is not possible for them to have a biologically-connected child without the generous and life-changing help of a woman. 

Whether it is from struggles with infertility or as a member of the LGBTQ community, you may have considered the journey of surrogacy. New Mexico Surrogacy is here to help support and guide you with finding the perfect surrogate in New Mexico.   

It’s A Big Journey. It is important to educate yourself and understand the massive emotional, legal, financial and medical demands you will encounter on this journey. It can be overwhelming.  New Mexico Surrogacy is here to help you get through the paperwork, the medicine and the bills and to holding your baby in your arms.

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