Choosing the Right Surrogacy Agency

Deciding to grow your family via gestational surrogacy is a huge decision that you, as intended parents, have put much careful thought into. It’s undoubtedly one of the biggest decisions you’ve   had to make in your life. So, when it comes to which agency you’re going to select to walk through this journey with you, it’s really important that you select the right one. The process is filled with beautiful moments but can also be an emotional rollercoaster for both the gestational carrier and the intended parents. Coordinating the necessary medical, legal and financial details of a surrogacy journey is time consuming, overwhelming and can be risky. Handling the process yourself has the potential to jeopardize and even cripple your relationship with your surrogate (we’ve also seen beautiful stories of independent journeys, so it is possible!). A good agency will bee filled with experts at handling the legal, medical and financial details. They provide the essential elements of support so you and your surrogate can relax, enjoy the pregnancy and prepare for the arrival of your baby. So, what should you look for when choosing an agency? Here are a few things we’d recommend. 

Research. Research the agency online to make sure it’s a reputable agency. Make certain they have ties to the community and to ethics and professional organizations. For example, members of New Mexico Surrogacy’s staff are members of SEEDS (Society for Ethical Egg Donation and Surrogacy), RESOLVE (a national infertility society), the American Bar Association Assisted Reproductive Technology Law Committee and Adoption Committee, Colorado Bar Association Family Law Section, Colorado Bar Association Women’s Section, and the Colorado LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce as well as vocal participants at PRIDE events throughout the state.

Level of Contact. Do you want an agency that is more laid back and doesn’t contact you as much? Do you want constant contact? This is a question that’s very important to ask the agency. At New Mexico Surrogacy, we give you much as you want. We’re here to help you through the entire surrogacy journey, from big issues to small concerns, like emedical issue for your gestational carrier all the way through suggestions for strollers if you want. If you need a friendly ear, we’re available to listen, to answer your questions and to calm any anxieties about this exciting adventure.

Matching Process. Some agencies have a book of surrogate profiles available that you can go through. Others, such as our agency, do not and prefer to match on a more individualized basis. It really depends on which process you prefer. New Mexico Surrogacy conducts extensive interviews with surrogates and with our intended parents. Based on what we learn in the interviews, we propose a match based on similarities in beliefs and expectations and specific needs and desires. We present profiles to the intended parents and to the surrogate; each party decides if they want to move forward together, or not. If yes, the introduction process begins. If not, we go back to the drawing board better informed and create a new match.

These are just a few of the things you can look at when selecting an agency as intended parents. One of the best ways to get a feel for if it’s the right agency is to set up a call or in person meeting with them to get a feel if it’s the right fit for your personality and growing family. New Mexico Surrogacy respects you, your family and the choices you’ve made. We’re committed to supporting you from the moment you decide to work with us until well after the birth of the baby. Give us a call or make an appointment to meet with us in person or via Skype. This is a no-obligation opportunity to see if you connect with who we are and how we approach the surrogacy parenting experience.

Interested in growing your family via gestational surrogacy?