The Donor Sibling Registry

People that were conceived from sperm, egg or embryo donation often wonder who their biological parents are. The same sperm or egg donor could have also helped multiple families grow. Children conceived by donation could have half or full siblings that they don’t even know about. This is where The Donor Sibling Registry comes in. The Donor Sibling Registry states: “The DSR advocates for the right to honesty and transparency for donor-conceived people, for social acceptance and legal rights, and values the diversity of all families.” 

DSR is aware that parents are not always excited about their children’s desire to know about their genetic background. A big part of what DSR does is educate parents and the public on the importance of honoring and supporting their children's natural drive to know more about their identity. They want to rid the shame and secrecy that has surrounded donor conception for so long. 

DRS also provides a place for the donor conceived to search for their biological relatives. The curiosity is there for most donor conceived people, so in 2000 DRS saw the need for a safe, shame-free environment for these people to feel heard. They believe people have a fundamental right to information about their biological origins and identities. 

DSR has helped to connect more than 16,000 offspring with their half-siblings and/or their donors.