Questions to ask yourself before you decide to become a gestational surrogate

You have come to the point in your own life where you are considering giving the gift of life to a caring individual or couple that haven’t been able to carry a child on their own. What you are considering doing is not only selfless but one of the best gifts you can give a person. Here are a few questions that we hear often from women who are also considering this journey.

“Do I need to have had any children of my own?”

Yes, you need to have had at least one prior healthy pregnancy, delivery and be raising the child in your home. Not only does this show that you are able to get pregnant and carry a baby to full term but it also shows your intended parents that you live a healthy and responsible lifestyle.

“Do I need really need a strong support system?”

Absolutely. You don’t need anyone’s permission to become a surrogate but you are sure going to need friends and family close by that understand your decision. Pregnancy can be a difficult journey no matter who you are.  There are going to be times that your hormones are going to get the best of you and those close to you are going to be your rock. You will want to surround yourself with as much love and support as possible during this time. If the worst happened and you need to be on bed rest you’ll be especially glad for that supportive tribe to help!

“What is it like to be a surrogate?”

For some women the joy of childbirth and the importance of family is so strong that they find being a surrogate one of the biggest fulfillments in life. Seeing the look on your intended parents face when they see their baby for the first time is a feeling only a few will know. They are some of the strongest women you will ever met.

You will experience the true gift of giving when you become a surrogate. Letting someone, who might have never been able to otherwise, experience the gift of being a parent is one that only a few are able to say they have given.

Ready to give the gift of a lifetime?